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17 November 2018
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Placing an accumulator bet at Betfred is a simple process that will require you to first register for a Betfred Betting Account. Afterwards, you would be able to place a bet of your choice by using the Betfred Betting Slip.

How Can I Place an Accumulator Bet at Betfred?

Use the following step-by-step guide to aid you in placing your Betfred Accumulator:

  • Visit the Betfred website and click on the register button found at the top right-hand side of the homepage.
  • Fill out the registration form that will appear on your browser. Enter a Betfred Promo Code if required.
  • Make a deposit into your Betfred account using one of the many payment methods by visiting the cashier section of the website.
  • You may now select the sporting events you would like to wager on by clicking on the corresponding odds. Remember a Betfred Accumulator bet requires 4 selections or more. The wagers will pop-up in the betting slip found on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Once you have selected 4 or more wagers an ‘accumulator’ box will appear under the Multiple Bets section. Type your wager into the accumulator box.
  • Click on the ‘Place Bet’ button at the bottom of the form to complete the Betfred Accumulator betting process.

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Betfred System Bets

System bets are similar to accumulator bets in that you can make several selections within one bet but all possible combinations of bets from those selections are covered, giving the advantage of winning even if not all picks are winners.

The Following System Bets Are Currently Available at Betfred

Trixie, Patent, Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz, Super Heinz, Goliath, Pontoon, Magnificent 7, Alphabet, Fivespot, Single Stakes About, Double Stakes About, Round Robin, Union Jack, Flag, Super Flag and Lucky 7 Bingo

Placing a system bet is very similar to placing an accumulator bet in that the system bet will appear once the correct number of selections are available to create the bet. For example, if you attempt to place a Trixie bet, which consists of four bets involving three selections from different events: 3 doubles & 1 treble, then you will be required to have three separate selections from different sporting events on your betting card. Having more or less than 3 selections in your betting slip will result in the Trixie bet not appearing in the Multiple Bets section.

Much like an accumulator bet to complete a system bet you must type in the amount you would like to wager into the corresponding box and click on the ‘Place Bet’ button. Potential returns for a system bet will be calculated and displayed in the adjacent box.

Can I Edit or Cash Out My Accumulator at Betfred?

As stated in the Betfred terms and conditions, Betfred Accumulator bets cannot be edited or cancelled after they have been placed. Betfred does however allow users to CashOut accumulator bets in certain conditions.

The CashOut feature gives you the opportunity to settle your bet early at a certain value which is displayed on the bet, without having to wait for the sporting event to finish. The amount of money which is offered as a CashOut on a Betfair Accumulator bet will be based on your original bet and the status of the selections which have already completed and on-going. Thus, the CashOut amount can be more than or less than your original stake.

For example, you have placed a Betfred Accumulator that features 4 different sporting events and you have already won three of the events, you can decide to not wait and see if the last selection wins but instead CashOut to the increased amount. On the other hand, if you see little chance of an accumulator bet winning you may CashOut to the lower odds, saving yourself at least part of your stake.

What Are the Betfred Accumulator Rules?

The following are the terms and conditions which apply to Betfred Accumulator bets:

  1. Betfred Accumulator bets cannot be placed on bets from the same sporting event. Example: Match Winner & Over and Under for same football match. However, in-play bets may be mixed with pre-match bets to make accumulators.
  2. Void selections in accumulator bets will be treated as non-runners. The stake will then run onto the remaining selections in the bet.
  3. CashOut will not be available there is no longer any potential returns from a bet. For example any selection in an accumulator has lost.
  4. Offers such as accumulator insurance and bonuses will not apply where a customer has taken CashOut.

Betfred System Bets

What Are Betfred Accumulator Bonuses?

Accumulator bonuses generally come in the form of insurances or odds boosts applied to accumulator sports bets. Accumulator bonuses may have a number of terms and conditions that apply.

  • Accumulator Insurance – gives users the chance to refund their bet even if one or more of the selections on their betting slip loses.
  • Accumulator Odds Boost – gives users boosted odds on their accumulator bets.

Visit the promotions section at Betfred to get a full list of Betfred Accumulator bonuses available at the moment.

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Betfred Accumulator FAQ

Use the following frequently asked questions and answers to solve any simple questions you may have concerning Betfred Accumulator bets.

What is the minimum number of selections for an accumulator bet?

The minimum number of selections that must be made to create an accumulator bet is 4.

How are the odds calculated for an accumulator bet?

The odds are calculated automatically by Betfred by multiplying all the odds of all selections together.

What happens when there is a non-runner in an accumulator bet?

If there is a non-runner in an accumulator bet the odds of the non-runner will be excluded and the bet will run as a multiple bet.

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