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How to Play Online Poker on Betfred

5 February 2021
par Better Collective

Wagering requirements and T&C’s Apply | Commercial content | New Customers Only | 18+

Betfred Poker offers you a wealth of opportunities to enjoy one of the most skill-intense card games out there. If you want to play the game in its pure, distilled form, and not experience the casino substitutes, this operator is the right spot for you. In the following lines, we explain why.

New Players’ £10 in bonuses and 200% playthrough bonus up to £1200 Bonus on Betfred

Betfred Poker puts a great store by skill and new players are incentivised into play with quick £10 in tournament tokens.
Make no mistake, this is not a paltry amount to begin your gaming with. The main advantage of the offer lies in the fact that you get to join tournaments right off the bat. And there you stand a chance to advance by virtue of your understanding & experience of poker.

New customers only. 18+. Customers must deposit and/or transfer a minimum of £10 into Poker to qualify. Tokens will expire one month after crediting. Make your first deposit of £10 or more and you will be eligible to take advantage of the 200% deposit match bonus up to a maximum of £1200 or *currency equivalent. Players have up to 30 days after their first deposit to redeem the bonus. Bonus dollars will release into the player’s account in cash, £5 chunks for every 750 VIP Points earned or €5 chunks for every 600 VIP Points earned. Full T&Cs apply.


How to Play Online Poker on Betfred & Register for the Bonus

The bonus is not at all difficult to acquire. You’ll first need to register your account from the Sign-Up button in the top right corner.

The registration process is a no-hassle affair. You fill out your personal information, and Betfred does the rest. We recommend that you do so truthfully lest your account verification gets bogged down because of discrepancies in the information you have provided.

To acquire the bonus itself, you will need to select your poker moniker first by logging into the Poker Software. Let’s check out the responsibilities that come with participating in the bonus.

After this is done, you have to make a deposit of £10 or more to receive your £10 tournament money. Also, if you deposit more than £10, your deposit will be matched by 200%, up to £1200.

Terms & Conditions of Betfred Poker Welcome Offer

New customers only. 18+. Customers must deposit and/or transfer a minimum of £10 into Poker to qualify. Tokens will expire one month after crediting. Make your first deposit of £10 or more and you will be eligible to take advantage of the 200% deposit match bonus up to a maximum of £1200 or *currency equivalent. Players have up to 30 days after their first deposit to redeem the bonus. Bonus dollars will release into the player’s account in cash, £5 chunks for every 750 VIP Points earned or €5 chunks for every 600 VIP Points earned. Full T&Cs apply.

How to Download the Betfred Poker Software

To play on Betfred Poker, you will need to procure a copy of the stylish software itself. If you haven’t downloaded the package yet, there is an easy remedy for that – just refer to the dedicated Download page.
After a brief few moments, the package will be saved to your computer. Double click it and follow through with the instructions.


Not only will the software enable you to follow through with the selection of Poker treats, but you will be equally entitled to check out any upcoming events, drop on the casino selection of titles, and manage your account effortlessly. In addition, you can always be in control of your funds by hopping over to the Cashier section.



How to Play Betfred Poker?

In general, there are two main variations featured on Betfred Poker, and they include Texas Hold’em and Omaha – High & Low.
You will benefit from other common versions as Seven-card stud and five-card stud. Going into too much detail about the game would be difficult at this point.

This is why Betfred Poker has outdone the competition by introducing a detailed and novice-friendly library for everyone to explore at their leisure. If you have any doubt about the game’s rules, make sure to drop by the New Players Guide. Even if you are somewhat sure of the rules, a refreshing read wouldn’t do you any harm.


How to Navigate at Betfred Poker?

You will hardly have any trouble finding your way around the software suite. It’s brilliantly intuitive.

All you need to do is fund your account and pick a game you enjoy.
If you want to, you can participate in any of the tournaments currently on offer or opt for the improvised sit & go versions. Speed poker is also there. Ancillary links are accessible as well, such as customer support if you should run into any trouble.

Types of Betfred Poker

Mostly, there are two types of poker in the world of competitive play, although the 7 & 5 Card Stud Poker plays no small part. For the most part, however, we have Texas Hold’em and Omaha High and Low as the main competitive titles.

When all is said and done, Texas Hold’em is generally considered to be slightly more dynamic. Conversely, Omaha has much-better balanced first stages of the game, although it’s fairly difficult to bluff.

The Studs also had their time in the limelight for a fair while back in the 70s, and today they are a preferred breather among professional players.
Ultimately, Texas Hold’em serves as the staple title for the majority of tournaments available around the globe, and it’s our opinion that you should start there.

Betfred Poker: Texas Hold’em

The game features a 52-card deck that is shuffled prior to any game. The game starts with the player who is sitting left of the dealer. This may put the player at a slight disadvantage, and many players may hesitate to act at this point, as they don’t know what other people will do.

The game starts with the blinds, having two players stake money prior to dealing with any cards so that there is something in the pool. The small blind (the player closest to the dealer) puts half of the minimum bet, most often, whereas the next player puts the full amount of the minimum bet and is known as the big blind.

Each player is then dealt two cards known as hole cards. The game progresses with cards being laid out in front of the dealer. Your objective is to combine the hole cards with the cards already available on the table (known as community cards) and constitute a winning hand. For the most part, you can pick either one or two of your cards combining it with four or three cards from the table respectively.

Now betting starts in earnest. The player after the big blind starts first. He has three options:

  • Call – Placing a bet equal to the Big Blind
  • Raise – Placing a stake that is double the amount of the Big Blind and no greater the player’s total amount of chips
  • Fold – The player pushes the cards down towards the middle of the table

The flop follows – it’s three cards laid face up on the table. At this point, as soon as it’s the small blind’s turn again, he can choose to check, which is basically a way to skip your turn, taking no action. Then the Turn comes and a fourth card is introduced. Then the River comes and a fifth card is added.

Well, those are the rules of Texas Hold’em. Of course, Betfred Poker automates some of the aspects and you wouldn’t need to fold your hands manually. A single click will let the system know what your intentions are.

Betfred Poker: Omaha

Omaha has similar rules. You have five community cards and tap into three of these, combining them with your two hole cards to make a hand. However, and this is rather important, you start with four hole cards as opposed to two cards in Texas Hold’em, which helps players in the first stages. Now, Omaha comes is several iterations.

  • Pot Limit Omaha – Players may bet whatever the pot limit is
  • No-Limit Omaha – Players may bet up to all of their chips
  • Fixed-Limit Omaha – There’s a specific limit applied in each game and on each round of betting

The rounds follow as we know them, with the flop, turn, and river followed by the showdown. The showdown is the time when everyone shows their hands and the game concludes.
Betfred Poker has managed to implement both versions effortlessly and you will be able to participate in a number of events that you see fit. Vary your gaming experienced based on your personal preferences.

Betfred Poker Mobile – On Your Phone and Tablet

Betfred Poker affords you the opportunity to play on the go. All you have to do is visit the website from your tablet or iOS or Android device and you are eligible for start from the go. While there are no special bonuses for mobile play, you can benefit from the full range of desktop promotions. Registering your account is just the same, and if you have already registered on the website, you can continue using this account as well. The best part? No extra download is required.


Betfred Poker Customer Service

Betfred’s customer support is active & involved. With the live chat available around the clock seven days a week, you can speak to the operator directly. If you prefer to place a phone call, this is also quite feasible by dialling up any of the available numbers, which are as follows:

  • Inside the UK: 0800 783 9146
  • Rest of the world: +44 (0) 1925 907510

The poker support e-mail is available at If you need assistance with your account you can reach out at Lastly, web & mobile enquiries can be addressed at

Are they reliable? We would say yes. Even in the cases where they have been lambasted by angry customers online, Betfred has remained calm and helpful, offering to handle the issue through the established channels.

Betfred logo


Is there a poker bonus currently available?

Yes, beyond the tournament tokens you may get, you are also entitled to a deposit bonus, which is not small at all. The promotions change regularly, so it would help to subscribe to their newsletter or to just make sure you check the promotion page every now and then.

Is there a poker software download necessary to play poker online?

Playing on Betfred Poker will require you to download the company’s Playtech-powered software. It’s quite intuitive and a joy to play. If you prefer to keep things on your mobile, this is just as well and you can start playing right away, no extra downloads required.

I have a problem with my bonus or poker game, what do I do?

Whatever issue you may experience playing at Betfred, make sure to refer to customer support. They are easy to get hold of and that means you will not have time seeking other inefficient channels for solving your problem.

Are they safe?

Yes, Betfred is part of the UK ecosystem of gambling firms that undergo rigorous testing from various bodies, including the UK Gambling Commission and also collaborate with an initiative that is committed to uprooting fraudulent and addictive practices.

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