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Many punters have at least once asked themselves the question: Are there sports that are easier to bet on and win?
Unfortunately, no serious research has ever been published that answers this question with certainty. However, we can make several considerations and better understand which sports are the most profitable and which ones should be avoided.

Let’s start with an assumption. In general, it is good to devote ourselves to the disciplines in which we are most competent. There is, however, a big difference between the most popular sports (like football) and those with few followers around the world.
So let’s shed some light on this, trying to identify the aspects to keep in mind when juggling the bookies’ offers…

Why bet on football?

Let’s start with our country’s most popular sport, football. Is it worth betting on the beloved ball or not? Many Italians (and not only) are considered passionate and knowledgeable on the subject. As a result, they like to bet on their favourite team and the league they follow the most.
In general, the more a sport is followed and the more are the bettors who increase the turnover of that sport.
For this reason, these sports are also the ones that usually offer bettors the most chances to win, offering welcome bonuses and very extensive game modes.
The thing is logical. Only if it is worthwhile and if the catchment area is large enough, then a bookmaker will do his best to offer various types of odds on a competition: odds on goal scorers, penalty cards, corners, exact scores, first and second half results and so on. Thus, a fan can choose the precise area in which he feels champion.
At the same time, however, there are several valid reasons why we can say that football is perhaps not the best sport to bet on. These are also easily understood…

Why NOT bet on football?

First of all, note that football matches have three possible outcomes: win, draw or lose. For those who only follow football, this observation may seem like a truism. However, if you think about it, in many other sports the tie is an option that is virtually non-existent.
Think about basketball, volleyball, tennis…. What does this mean? That in football it can significantly increase the variance, or unpredictability in the results of our bets. This is why many prefer to choose between only two outcomes in football, such as Under/Over or Goal/No Goal.
As for football at the highest level, it must be added that the subject is too well known to be fertile ground for our winnings. Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Champions League… These are all products that football fans and punters are familiar with. It will be difficult, therefore, to go for the elimination of an ultra-convenient party in a major football event. Put in the World Cup and the European Championships, the discourse is the same.

Which are the most popular sports to bet on among the so-called minor sports?

Among the most popular sports in the world are basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, cricket, golf, boxing, cars and motorbikes… Rugby and darts and snooker also have numerous fans.
Are there better betting conditions than others? The answer is: definitely yes. From bonuses to payout rates, not to mention promotions, there are certain aspects to consider before betting on any sphere. Also take into account the existence of live betting on a particular sport. They can be useful, for example, to ‘cover’ a previous bet.

How to become an expert on a sport?

To become a betting expert on a particular sport, it is important to be familiar with the statistics and analysis of that sport. Do you like football? Then focus your efforts on getting to know all the teams and their players. Keep up to date with disqualifications, cautions, inside and outside returns and so on.
The more familiar you are with these figures, the greater your chances of winning. Next step: deepen your knowledge in different sports and then you can win big money.
Winning sport
If you know everything about football, you might not be able to bet profitably on Formula 1 or Moto GP. So don’t venture into unknown terrain if you don’t feel prepared. Remember that there are trained professionals who set the odds. Approach the various sporting events with humility, without investing more than you can afford. This is the only way to become a successful bettor.